Who We Are


Paper Dove Press is an independent publisher specializing in children’s books that promote peace, diversity, and interfaith communication.

What We Do

We create fun and beautiful printed books that explore faith, spirituality, diversity, and peace. We present sometimes big and complex concepts in a simple and engaging way. As parents ourselves, we know that our children can often teach us a thing or two about the world, so with every publication, we aim to see through a child’s eyes. We nurture and encourage the gifts of innocence, love, curiosity, and hope that children naturally have, and remind parents to see from that child’s eye view.

Why it Started

Paper Dove is the longtime dream of writer and mom, Laurel Nakai. With a love for children’s literature and a longing to teach her own children about faith and diversity, she embarked on a three year journey that lead her to write her own children’s book series. The first book The World God Made For Me, was launched and funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

With the success of the first book launch, Paper Dove looks forward to continuing the series, and in the long run, to be an avenue for other authors and illustrators.

How We Are Different

Paper Dove Press has a unique interfaith approach that encourages not just tolerance, but cooperation and peace among diverse groups. We recognize the need for children to be exposed to diverse cultures and views, but also support the idea that despite our differences, there is always a place for common ground. Paper Dove Press believes that we are all a part of one human family, and that the shift towards a world of peace begins with each one of us.